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If you’re an author who also coaches, speaks or trains who’s dreamed of building a  raving tribe online – a TeleSALON is for you. What’s a TeleSalon you ask? Simply the newest hottest way for an author to sell books and  build an online platform for your conversation that creates ongoing online relationships that last.

Even if you’ve never been technically savvy or don’t have the time and energy to market your book AND run your business – we’re here to show you how easy it CAN be to use a TeleSalon to grow your author platform, online.  Its hard getting started if you don’t already know how. Even if you did, you still have to book your guest,record, code and upload the call not to mention marketing and promotion…so tedious and time consuming!

If you do have any sort of following already, you probably fall in to 1 of these categories:

  • you are maxed out, working 9+ hours a day, and still not generating a stable income.

  • you have are implementing so many ideas that deciding which one to act on has you paralyzed from moving forward.

  • You feel like you’re drowning in tech stuff and don’t want to learn a new language for someone to connect with you online

  • you don’t want to have to worry about any details. you just want people to benefit from your book …which is probably why you haven’t been CONSISTENT ENOUGH to make any real money.

In this day and age why cant there be an easy way to build recognition, influence and wealth using the book you already wrote. Well there finally is with Geek Fatales. Geek Fatales is Virtual Event Management for authors and experts. We specialize in ONGOING virtual event management.

Simply said, we will build you your own all inclusive, money making online book business. That’s right. DONE FOR YOU. The best part, no tech talk required! Fill out the form and we can see if our services are match for you.

The time to stop sitting on the sidelines watching others is now. It’s time to get yourself into action and reap the benefits of the book you already wrote.

COMPLETE Telesalon Management so you can focus on creating a Conversation Worth Having.

We build your instant online platform. A fully functioning “conversation marketing” system based on what’s working NOW – includes the virtual event center to house your public and private conversations, opt in set up, emails going out, and social media profiles set up:
  • Your Telesalon site – aka your virtual event center. It’s the online living room for housing your Salon conversation recordings and building the platform for your “Talk and Grow Rich” business.
  • Your own “Done for you” 12 month Telesalon Event Calendar. Your ULTIMATE vehicle to simply Talk and Grow Rich.
  • Your own produced Internet Talk Radio Show. To establish authority and branding.
  1. Telesalon site

Your Telesalon site will include a custom Home page that showcases your most recent shows to entice your audience to listen and share in your conversation. It also includes a Salon Podcast Page, Live Telesalon Page, Blog Page and a connected Social Network System. Your site is built with list-building in mind and includes all technology required to build that all important list of prospects for your book.

  1. Telesalon show

For your Telesalon show  we contact your featured guest, email participants to remind them and market to your social network communities.  All you need to do is show up at the appropriate time and be prepared to have your conversation worth having.

  1. Your own Internet Talk radio show

To support you in building your branding and expertise, your 30 minute internet radio show will be produced once per month. Your internet radio show is about increasing influence by interviewing leaders in your industry. Once produced your show will be produced, uploaded to your site and distributed throughout your network.

  1. Education through Conversation

We partner with you to truly educate you on how to make your business successful. Through our 8-week training program we teach you the ins and out of continuous and engaging content creation, what exactly to do to build an online community with or without us, how to create a training program of your own to provide additional value to your audience and build an additional stream of revenue for you and so much more.

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